Our guest this episode is originally from Indiana and currently lives in Santa Rosa, California. He is a sound engineer, audio-tech, archivist, singer...View Details

Our guest this episode plays both stand-up and electric bass, and is also a guitarist and singer/songwriter. He currently lives in his hometown of Pet...View Details

Our guest this episode lives in Point Reyes, California. She is a singer, guitarist, pianist, voice teacher, choir director, and community organizer, ...View Details

Our guest this episode started playing piano at 10, and played his first professional gig at 14. He also plays a bit of trumpet, drum kit, and bass. H...View Details

Our guest this episode was born and raised in Santa Monica, California. He began playing trumpet at age 10, fell in love with the low tones of the tub...View Details

Today’s guest is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He plays tenor and bari sax, clarinet, flute and any other woodwind instrument he can ge...View Details

We are delighted to share Dena DeRose, with you in this episode. Dena is a masterful  jazz singer and pianist, jazz educator and overall wise and ve...View Details

Our second episode, we are delighted and honored to have Jill's dear friend, Lisa Stano as our very first guest. She currently resides in Petaluma Cal...View Details

In the first episode of Meaningful Musical Conversations, Jill, jazz pianist and singer, and Daniel, jazz and rock guitarist/singer/songwriter, have a...View Details