Today’s guest is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He plays tenor and baritone sax, clarinet, flute and any other woodwind instrument he can get his hands on. While he is well known and loved in the local music community and beyond for being a versatile player of many genres, I know him as a killer jazz musician, passionate, generous and creative, with very big ears and the ability to connect with anyone.

He also happens to be a community development consultant who travels the world, and a kind and humble man. Today’s guest is Michael Fortunato.

In this entertaining and energetic episode we cover a lot of territory. The importance of play, community building, musicians as natural community leaders, and mental health are just a few of the topics discussed. You will find plenty of laughter and silliness interspersed with interesting reflections and ponderings.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Meaningful Musical Conversations. Please feel free to leave a comment, like, and share with friends if you feel so moved.

Notes from Michael: 

"I have to give credit to my woodwinds teacher, Jimmy Guerra, who was the driving force behind how I play today. He taught me how to teach myself, and did the best he could given the limited time we had together."

”Innovation happens at the nexus of unlike things.”

Here is a link to the book Michael highly recommends:

The Medici Effect 

Balanced Breakfast


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