What you just heard is our guest setting an intention for this interview, by singing this little song in Haitian Kreyol. I’m happy to announce that we have our first drummer and percussionist on the show! I’ve seen him perform many times over the years and have always enjoyed something about his playing that is hard to describe. I guess I could say that it is as much about his Presence as his playing. 

He was born in Bronxville, New York, grew up in Western Connecticut, and made his way to California in 1974. He performs in and around the Bay Area playing with a large pool of musicians and plays in a variety of styles and genres. That said, he has a special passion for Haitian drumming, has studied seriously for many years, and performs regularly with two Bay Area Haitian dance companies. 

He has also been a member of the Brazilian Jazz guitarist/composer Ricardo Peixoto’s quintet for five years. 

Our guest is also a teacher, teaching both privately and at Sonoma State University, where he leads an ensemble in the Jazz Program.

He is one of the first people I thought of having on the show when Daniel and I first started this project, so I’m thrilled that we finally got to sit down with him, and get to share our conversation with you! We are so pleased to welcome, Kendrick Freeman!



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