Our guest this episode started playing piano at 10, and played his first professional gig at 14. He also plays a bit of trumpet, drum kit, and bass. His piano studies began with classical and ragtime, and soon after, he discovered Jazz. He still loves classical piano, has a passion for the music of George Gershwin and is known for playing a mean stride piano.

At 25, he is currently the pianist for The Billie Holiday Project, led by Stella Heath, and has played at most of the top local Bay Area venues, including Blue Note, Napa, The Back Room, Red Poppy Arthouse, Occidental Center for the Arts, Healdsburg Hotel, and the Mystic Theater in Petaluma to name a few. He has numerous gigs lined up with The Billie Holliday Project in New York City as well as other parts of the country.

He is a humble and generous man with a lot of talent, a great work ethic and a charming sense of humor. Our guest today is Neil Angelo Fontano.

In this episode we hear lots of stories from Neil, including what happened one day when he was sent to his room as a kid for four hours, the surprising experiences that helped him overcome stage fright, and his thoughts on numerous subjects that fascinate him.

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The Billie Holiday Project

Cinnabar Theater

George Gershwin



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