Our guest this week grew up in the Bronx, New York, currently lives in Sonoma Valley, California. She is a professional pianist who composes, performs and teaches a variety of genres, and has a passion for Brazilian Jazz. She started studying classical piano as a young girl and began attending the children’s program at Manhattan School of Music/Juilliard at age 11. Our guest has a BA in Piano Performance from University of Michigan School of Music, and she also wrote for, acted in and directed a feminist theater group at the University. She has been playing and performing since childhood, and since moving to California, has performed at many of the major Bay Area venues, The San Jose Jazz Festival, and has headlined The Healdsburg Jazz Festival with Grammy-winning Brazilian Jazz Icon, Leny Andrade. Our hard-working guest is also the music director for both a synagogue and a Christian church- and she happens to be a great story-teller. Her effervescent, joyful personality infuses her music and all that she does. 

We are thrilled to welcome our guest, Stephanie Ozer!


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