Our guest this episode lives in Point Reyes, California. She is a singer, guitarist, pianist, voice teacher, choir director, and community organizer, as well as a long-time yoga teacher. She leads a choir of up to 50 people that absolutely delights and inspires the community with their performances.

During our conversation, she reveals that she is more interested in singing as a path to personal healing and transformation than as a performance-oriented activity. This becomes a main area of focus in our discussion.

She is also the co-founder and executive director of the non-profit, Sound Orchard, and believes that, "making music together can help create a more healthy, vibrant and connected community”.

We are thrilled to welcome our guest this episode, Devi Daly.


Devi Daly

Sound Orchard

Songs of Death, Grief and Renewal 

Point Reyes Yoga


MC Yogi

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